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Suitable connections and companies

All we need is an opportunity to speak to the right person and explain to them why Ireland is such a good place to do business. ConnectIreland wants to connect with decision makers at suitable companies (i.e. small and medium-sized enterprises located outside of Ireland that are growing on a global scale).

Suitable connections

Decision makers are senior executives in a company. Usually a decision maker can directly influence decisions made by the company. This could include members of the senior management team, such as a chief executive officer (and other ‘c-level’ executives such as chief financial officer, chief technology officer and so on), vice-presidents and other senior management figures.

Suitable companies

Multinational companies recognize the benefits of establishing in Ireland and have done so in record numbers. However, there are thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world that could seriously benefit from locating in Ireland as part of their international expansion plans. The problem is they don’t know about Ireland or what we have to offer.

These are the companies we need to reach.

Suitable companies are those that are:

  • based outside of Ireland.
  • expanding internationally or planning to grow globally
  • trading internationally, i.e. doing business outside of Ireland

We want to work with:

  • companies with commercially viable operations, manufacturing products or providing services primarily for markets outside of Ireland

Most likely these businesses will be engaged in:

  • high-end manufacturing or demand fulfilment
  • support services such as European headquarters, sales and marketing, customer support and financial administration
  • research and development from product localisation for European markets to developing new products and technologies

This programme is not suitable for companies that:

  • only serve markets in Ireland
  • are already established in Ireland or in discussion with IDA Ireland